Library which is also called the ocean of knowledge is essential to make our self well versed with all information's. We have spacious library which is well stocked, well furnished and supplemented with number of monthly, periodical & yearly magazines written by renowned Indian and International authors. The library is continuously enriched with the new books in each discipline.


In the age of the IT advancements college has an E-Library where in the students are provided easy access to E-Learning Audio-Video Lectures, E-Books etc. For this purpose various Video Lecturers have been uploaded on college website. Various software and E-Books are uploaded on the Computers for easy access to students.


Biotechnology Laboratory

The biotechnology laboratory is well equipped with all hi-tech apparatus required for research and practical work. The lab is equipped with basic equipments like Laminar Air Flow, Autoclave, Micro Centrifuge, Rotary Shaker, B.O.D., Ph Meter, Hot Plate & Deep Freeze. The lab also has PCP, m TGGE & Spectrophotometer.

Chemistry Laboratory-

The chemistry laboratory is well organized, properly ventilated and contains all the necessary chemicals and apparatus like Kipp's Apparatus. Distillation Apparatus, Analytical balance, Micropipettes etc. It is also well equipped with latest equipments as UVVIS. Spectrophotometer, Ultrecentrifuge, Rotatory Shaker and Electronic weighing balance to carryout experiments.


When students live far away from family they need an atmosphere where they can feel comfortable and fulfil their motive of getting education in healthy environment. They need proper care and affection, so that they can concentrate on studies with peaceful mind. So we focus on all these facilities to be provided to students coming to our hostel.
The aim of our hostel is to keep complete security and respect of all our students. We maintain high security systems and integrity.

At Mehta Girls College many students come from all across the nation to get education so to make them feel that as they are in their own home, homely atmosphere is provided in hostel. Caring Warden tight security and airy rooms with good ventilation helps students to focus on academics. All rooms are well furnished with wooden tables, chairs, beds and wardrobes for all students. Personal attention is given to each and every student. Lots of recreational activities like excursions, meditations, exercising are frequently framed to bring out the emotional psychological & intellectual development of the hostellers.


College not only focus or academic but also on health of young learners for that purpose. A hygienic cafeteria lies in our campus which provides healthy, delicious delicacies during and after college hours. Main focus is given on the nutrition level of food items because we know that a healthy nation resides in healthy youth.


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